Doctors Get in Accidents, Too

Early morning. Usual wakeup time.

But, shoulder and back pain are my alarm and the reason for my fitful sleep overnight.

Yesterday afternoon, while getting market supplies for a favorite home dinner, a concentration lapse resulted in a sudden over-the-handlebar bike mishap.

Yes – pride wounded. Hoping my surgically repaired clavicle is still intact.

Do I rush to the ER for treatment? This is not life-threatening, so the answer is no. And COVID-19 also reminds me to stay away!

I reach for the icepack and acetaminophen; Ibuprofen is second choice since I have a forehead hematoma as well. Which brings to mind, no excuse: ALWAYS wear a helmet. The stars were on my side with no concussion symptoms.

Remember to take a minute to assess the situation.

For medical problems and emergencies, I’m available. Call the doctor; we’ll figure out the best practice.

Stay healthy and enjoy the day!