Check Ups & Immunizations


The schedule is based on recommendations by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Broad Ripple Pediatrics is committed to delivering high quality medical care. We believe that periodic well check-ups are an integral part of that commitment. Frequent check-ups during infant/toddler periods and yearly visits beginning at age 3 are recommended. We feel these visits are important to assess growth and development, and to offer advice regarding safety and emotional issues that are an integral part of a healthy childhood.

Age & Shot

1 month: Hep B

2 months: Pentacel, Rotavirus, PCV

4 months: Pentacel, Rotavirus, PCV

6 months: Pentacel, Rotavirus, PCV

9 months: Hep B, Hemoglobin, Lead Level

12 months: MMR, Varicella

15 months: Hep A, Hib

18 months: DTap, PCV

2 years: Hep A

4 years: MMR, Varicella

5 years: DTap, Polio

9-11 years: TDap, MCV, HPV

16 years: MCV