Welcome to Dr. Gary’s Front Porch

Weekend morning. Early. It’s quiet as I feed the dog and cat. Just over a year since I retired as Sunday School teacher at our synagogue. A good time to start my journal. Welcome to the blog, Dr. Gary’s Front Porch. Time to think and evaluate.

The Global Pandemic of 2020 has been a great equalizer. Every day feels the same. The world is in shutdown, most are sheltering, many out of work. This has been necessary to curb the virus known as COVID-19.

Our pediatric office has remained open. Efforts to maintain prevention have included face masks and extra surface-sanitizing. Only 1 family in the office at a time limits exposures. Televisits are now offered. Sick visits are scheduled separately.

This online blog space will be reserved  for my thoughts. Included will be medical information and observations.

Stay well and visit often!

Dr. G