A skin disorder that can begin at age 8; it usually improves by mid-20s. Though not easily cured, acne can be controlled using medications. Approach to care is determined by the type and severity of the condition in each person.

Mild Acne
Whiteheads and blackheads are caused by dead skin cells and the oil subsequently trapped in hair follicles. Acne is NOT caused by dirt. Scrubbing and excessive washing will worsen the condition. Mild soaps are recommended.

Moderate-Severe Acne
A deeper form of acne characterized by pimples, pustules, and nodules. Scarring can be prevented by early consistent acne treatment. Those with this form of acne have excessive oil gland secretion due to pubertal hormone changes.

Aggravating Factors:
Repeated pressure, touching, or scrubbing areas.
Moisturizing, face creams, and make-up that contain oils and grease. Non-comedogenic
products are preferred.
Digging at skin or squeezing pimples may result in scarring.
Emotional stress may aggravate condition due to hormone changes.

It is best to be patient; acne improvements may take months. Some topicals may initially cause redness and irritation before the acne begins to clear. Treatment may require several years. Initial follow-up visits may be in 6-8 weeks.