COVID-19’s Affect on Children / Office Updates / Televisits

Spring rain storms seem so cleansing. On the porch, and enjoying some fresh air. Lockdown has not lifted. Daily, we learn more about this deadly virus known as COVID-19.

Pediatrics is my business. Just when you’re feeling confident about the predicted low risk for young people, a new multi-system inflammatory condition is being described. Weeks and months after apparent coronavirus exposure, severe symptoms in children are prompting ICU treatment. Fortunately, numbers are relatively low.

My pediatric training dates back to the early ’80s at Riley Hospital for Children. Meningitis, pneumonia, and bacterial sepsis were outcomes of severe infectious agents that have been all but eliminated due to vaccine breakthroughs. Scientists are testing and hopefully soon to fast-track such a COVID-19 shot.

Remember to contact the office and make sure your child is up-to-date with immunizations. During the pandemic we have modified our schedule to allow direct access to exam rooms, separate hours for sick visits, and have essentially eliminated waiting room time.  

Children are our collective future. But, they can be a vulnerable group to significant byproducts of these strange times (i.e. emotional trauma and anxiety). Access to healthcare has been improved during this pandemic. Like many offices, we offer televisits. For problems, DON’T WAIT.

Stay safe and enjoy the day!