COVID and Kids

Worldwide, children have been essentially risk-free from complications of COVID-19 infections. PMIS, the recently described pediatric multi-system inflammatory syndrome, is a different matter. Severe complications requiring hospitalization have drawn comparison with another disorder known as Kawasaki’s. Post-viral symptoms of unremitting fevers, severe abdominal pain, and rash will not be missed. 

PMIS can also include red eyes, cracked lips, sore tongue, swollen hands and feet, muscle spasms, and the inability to walk. Likely post-COVID in origin, many children are testing coronavirus-free yet positive for antibodies. Numbers with this affliction are very small and supportive hospital care has been successful.

REMEMBER, ongoing fevers, appendicitis- like belly pains, and severe rash mean CALL your pediatrician for a checkup. Even as states open up, practice prevention and distancing. Be mindful of yourself and others. Get outside. Breathe, smile, exercise.

It’s the month of May in Indianapolis. Best on Memorial Weekend.

Stay well, Dr. G.